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One thing is true of almost any business, across sectors, countries and cultures –content is king! The content your business puts out into the world, from internal comms to marketing materials; training manuals to policy documentation, is a direct reflection of you, your brand, and your values.

But, in a time when new, unique content needs to be generated at a rate of knots, how do you keep up, and how do you ensure everything you produce is to a quality you can be proud of? Especially when there’s only so much time in the day!

At Guildhawk, we have a vast team of multilingual writers, content creators and editors with specialisms in all core industries. All have years of experience creating original content in their native language and specialist sector, or running technical or style edits over rough drafts to save you time.

Our project management team will work with you to compile style guides, brand terminology banks, and tone of voice guidance. All to ensure any content produced sounds like you, regardless of subject matter, audience or language.

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