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We guarantee your translated training content is sensational because it’s created by the best linguists
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Whether you are an education provider, a training specialist, or you’re just trying to bring all your people onto the same page. Managing training and education on an international scale can involve a lot of moving pieces. Different languages, cultures and attitudes, and not forgetting the multiple document formats and e-Learning software platforms.

Our Training & Education team love what they do. Over the years, they have covered every subject matter, format, and platform imaginable. The very latest is our multilingual Digital Human twin training videos. Behind all these sits our continuous focus on translating and scrupulously quality checking everything from avatar scripts and fashion brand handbooks to international exam papers. When it comes to international education, we’ve handled lots of content. Like test materials for Cambridge University, and education research for bodies like IEA. Precision and expertise are paramount when dealing with people’s futures. This is why Guildhawk only work with linguists and experts you can trust. Professionals with expertise in the sector they work, people who really know their stuff.

On the training side, we’ve worked on international safety training for African Underground Mining, and enabled global training in multinational companies like Equinix, We’ve handled video translation and voiceover for cybersecurity specialists MetaCompliance, and onboarding materials for Hugo Boss. We’ve even produced original cultural training courses to help international colleagues communicate better following mergers and acquisitions.

All work in training and education is covered by our ISO27001 certification for data security, as well as our ISO9001 quality standards.

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