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Text Perfect: Automated Text Correction

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What is Text Perfect?

Go beyond ChatGPT. Save time and money by automating your proofreading and text correction with AI-powered Text Perfect from Guildhawk.

Text Perfect is our automated text editing and correcting solution. It is powered by AI and machine learning including the best GPT technology from OpenAI. Best of all, the results are amazing because algorithms are trained on a big dataset created by the best human authors.

As a result, Text Perfect allows previously tedious proofreading and editing tasks to be completed by an algorithm in minutes.

To save time and money, clients use Text Perfect to quickly and easily correct mistakes, as well as polish rough drafts, or make content written by multiple authors read smoothly.

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Text Perfect is currently available in 61 Languages

How does it work?

Using terminology database software and a set of language, sector, and/or client rules, Text Perfect automatically reviews imported files and flags up all errors, issues, and non-adherences for correction.

Our linguists and engineers can train the machine specifically for your requirements. This ability to learn your preferences is what sets Text Perfect apart. The latter can be time-consuming to sort through, making Text Perfect quicker and more efficient than its competitors.

Additionally, Text Perfect’s text correction software currently works in 61 languages and growing, and is also available as an API.

Contact the team to see how Text Perfect could save you precious time correcting other people’s work, and turn rough text into perfect content.

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