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How do you automate translation for multilingual training and e-learning? Integrate the best digital technologies with Guildhawk Expert-in-the-loop (EITL)

What’s the biggest challenge in business right now? We’d argue that it’s never been harder for companies to recruit and retain talented people. But, with training and e-Learning providers harnessing new technology and innovation to provide new opportunities, we can help to meet the challenge around the world.

At Guildhawk, we always aim to work with clients who value their global staff. We recognise that nurturing the talent you’ve already found, then growing it to meet diversifying business needs, is preferable to finding new people every time you encounter a new development. In this business, trust is of the highest importance.

We’re equipped to help your business, because we understand the challenges and concerns you face at a company, as well as project, level.

Why can we say all this with such confidence? Because the model we follow at Guildhawk is one of recognising talent. We believe the people most capable of achieving future success are those who helped us flourish in the first place. That’s why we find good people, identify their strengths and continue training them to meet new business challenges. We hope we can help you do the same.

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“Guildhawk were highly responsive, creative and central to the success of the translation and quality assurance process. They were collaborative and operated very much as part of the team. I would commend our experience of working with Guildhawk.”

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