Our Work in Africa

Green energy and mining power new investment into translated content

The rich diversity and challenges facing the nations in Africa have seen us mostly working on energy and materials projects, engineering and governmental programmes. There are between 1,250 and 2,100 languages spoken across the 54 countries in Africa. Thus, translation and localisation of content is a big part of our work for clients.

Increasingly, we work to digitise existing content, organise it and then use our Guildhawk Aided Machine Translation (MT) tech. These auto-translate material for use on websites and Apps. The United Nations made us a preferred supplier of language services. We have the honour of helping deliver vital information about humanitarian aid and climate change.

Quickly translating educational material and having a digital human twin present it in many languages is proving to be very inspiring. Our Guildhawk Voice avatars use a cutting edge text to speech technology. See below for some examples of our work.