We’re delighted to announce the launch of ‘Text Perfect’, the newest addition to our technology-led suite of services.

Put simply, using our innovative software (which we’re improving all the time), we are now able to check, amend and assure the quality and professionalism of any amount of content, in any language. And we can do it quickly!

Using the service will help you ensure that the language in your content flows, sentence structure is excellent, content grammatically sound and spelling mistakes corrected.

Text Perfect also has the ability to change the tone of your content and find and replace any words or phrases based on your specific rules and requirements.

Guildhawk Text Perfect Example Analysis
Example Guildhawk Text Perfect Analysis
Guildhawk Text Perfect Example Report
Example Guildhawk Text Perfect Report


It’s particularly brilliant for technical, legal, procedural and instructional documents but, with the human touch added by our expert linguists, it can work a treat with creative content too.

We’ve started sharing the service with existing clients and had some excellent feedback.

It’s a perfect solution for businesses who:

  • Are writing material in non-native languages
  • Are translating content in-house, and need some checks and balances to ensure the results are totally fit for purpose
  • Have existing translated content which needs the final touches to perfect or ‘localise’
  • Have large volumes of text to deal with and/or are up against tight timescales
  • Need to find and replace specific words, phrases or terminology
  • Want to change the tone of content to suit a different audience

And, of course, security is paramount in everything we do. Our work is protected by our ISO27001 certification for data security which ensures your content is kept completely confidential, something which many of our competitors can’t offer.

Want to know more? Download the factsheet or Get in touch!