Now meet your new Guildhawk virtual human – Rita

Introducing the new Digital Human of Rita at Guildhawk

Please be introduced to the Digital Human of Rita Metlovaite, our Head of Client Business Transformation at Guildhawk. She is the latest of our team to have her digital human twin that can operate in the new Metaverse. As our CEO Jurga announced at Sheffield Hallam university that we are creating these new revolutionary avatars for all our team to help clients get amazing results.

Guildhawk’s authentic Machine Translation and dedicated linguists allow our Virtual Humans to instantly speak in any language. With a growing number of sensational new avatars, we are proud to be pioneering this work with Guildhawk Voice.

Take one minute to get to know our latest Virtual Human of Rita, and discover how this AI-powered technology can make powerful improvements to your global communications.

Instantly connect with your global teams using Virtual Humans

You can now instantly reach more of your global customers, because you speak in their first language using our new technologies. Imagine presenting to your Chinese clients in both English and Mandarin. Now imagine talking to your team in Madrid in fluent Spanish.

Now you can present complex communications like your ESG policies and Net Zero targets to global teams, in any language.

Plus, we can connect to your eLearning platforms

Better still, you can verify learnings from communication and training videos, by adding tests and quizzes.

You can even integrate Guildhawk Voice videos more seamlessly, because our videos have compatibility with eLearning platforms.

If you want to know more, start a conversation with the real Rita at [email protected], and watch the magic of Virtual Humans unfold for you.