Friday the 7th of June saw our first outing as Guildhawk, and what a way to begin!

It was our very great pleasure to reveal our new symbol and brand identity for the first time on the occasion of the City of London Police Force Awards at the historic Guildhall, which has been the City’s seat of government for almost 900 years!

Given my own long history in the force, and Jurga’s legacy as a sponsor of the very first awards back in 2003, it seemed truly fitting that this be where we first unveiled Guildhawk to the public, and what a warm reception we received!

The City of London Police Force Awards & Charity Dinner recognises the hard work and dedication of the Force’s officers and staff and raises money for nominated charities. This year’s chosen charities were The CityKids Foundation (the City of London Police’s charity that supports children and families) and the Royal Humane Society, which recognises those who put their own lives at risk to save others. This was the first time the event was held in the Guildhall, just a short walk from Guildhawk’s London office, and we were very proud to sponsor both a table and the Force Support Staff Lifetime Achievement Award.

The event is a black tie affair, so on Friday evening, Jurga and I, some representatives of the Guildhawk team, and a group of our valued friends and clients, got into our Sunday best and took the short stroll to Guildhall Yard.

Rita Metlovaite, Charles Jaja-Sackey, Kasia Lapinska, and Emily Holbrook of Guildhawk at the the City of London Force Awards

Following a champagne reception in the building’s Crypt, we took our seats for the main event in the Great Hall, sitting where great leaders such as Sir Winston Churchill have addressed the City at State Dinners through the centuries.

The evening began with the Commissioner’s speech, in which he welcomed everyone, explained the history and purpose of the event and kindly thanked Guildhawk and other supporters from the business community for making the night possible.

Later in the evening, Jurga was honoured to present the Force Support Staff Lifetime Achievement Award, which this year went to the very deserving Mr Jock Hastie, the long-serving Force Tailor who began his craft as a tailor in the British Army Guards Division.

The award that winners receive is the Black City Dragon on a plinth, a miniature of the heraldic creatures that stand guard at the entrances to the Square Mile. Guildhawk actually has a connection with the award as we arranged the translation into Latin of the inscription on the plinth, which reads Virtus Unum Factum Non Est – excellence is not a single act – a fitting tribute to describe the people to whom these awards are presented.

All in all, the event was a resounding success, and a wonderful celebration of a group of people who put their all into their work. Having been there myself, I know what it takes, and just how difficult the job can be. Here’s to the Force’s staff and officers, and to plenty more fantastic events and opportunities for collaboration in the future.