The world is a better place when we work together as one; this is the spirit behind the 2019 Charity Fraud Awareness Week that starts today, Monday 21st October. This year the campaign, co-hosted by the UK Charity Commission and the Fraud Advisory Panel, has gone truly global with agencies in the USA, Australia and New Zealand joining the initiative and events being streamed online.

Charity Fraud Awareness Week

Guildhawk values the sterling work done by charities and those who work so hard to raise money to support those in need. We are proud to support both awareness week and David Clarke, our Head of Integrity, who is also Chairman of the Fraud Advisory Panel charity.

David, who will speak at this morning’s launch, says, “Trust underpins everything in business and the same goes for charities. Fraudsters exploit weaknesses and divide people. We defeat them by promoting good practices and being united.”

BBC TV’s Secret Charity Cheats has covered several stories of how people abuse positions of trust, with David giving the public advice on how to ensure donations reach the intended recipient. In a recent episode, he spoke with BBC presenter Kevin Duala and gave him his top three tips for giving safely online.

He told Kevin, “Always with giving online, you’ve got to put your heart a little bit to one side just for a moment, let your head kick in and play detective”.

You can hear more in this short clip from the interview:

A Charity Fraud Awareness Hub has been created, which contains lots of great advice on simple, sensible steps that everyone can take to ensure donations get to the right place. Please join us in uniting to support the campaign and share information about the week and hub with all your friends and staff.

The hashtag for the week is: #CharityFraudOut