This week, we hosted a webinar for our clients and partners on the all-important subject of wellbeing in the workplace. And we were incredibly lucky to be joined by David Beeney, a man whose experience in this space is almost unrivalled. 

During the session, David talked about how organisations, teams and individuals can all prioritise wellbeing. He also offered some incredibly helpful tips on what that means day to day and how we can help others who are struggling.

‘Mental Health has become a very loaded term’, he told us. ‘And it doesn’t make it easier for people to talk about something so important. We need a new kind of language. Perhaps Mental Fitness is better.’ In this, David reminded all of us about the power of language and how, when deployed badly, it really can have a detrimental effect.

The session is a must listen for anyone who cares about the importance of wellbeing and how it can become a strategic priority. So, please do feel free to listen to it here.

Our next webinar is going to focus on Sustainability and Climate Change and how all of us can help save our beloved planet. We’ve got a very special guest speaker lined up for Jan 26th at 4.30pm so do drop us a note at [email protected] if you’d like to register.