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Professional interpreting for President Gorbachev at the Royal Albert Hall

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Gorby 80 was the organisational team behind the 80th birthday celebrations for the last leader of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev.

Based in Moscow, the team were planning a star-studded gala at London’s Royal Albert Hall. It was to be attended by an illustrious guestlist of well-known Russian and Hollywood personalities. Music was was provided by the London Symphony Orchestra and celebrated musical stars.

Exacting event requirements

The Gorby 80 team required simultaneous Russian and French interpreters for the evening. Their mission was to translate speech as it was spoken for attendees. There was also a need to supply 400 headsets for members of the audience to receive translations. A strict technical broadcast specifications was set to ensure the event would be properly archived and catalogued for future generations.

The Gorby 80 team required simultaneous Russian and French interpreters for the gala evening, capable of translating speech as it was spoken for attendees.

Our expertise

Guildhawk provided our professional event interpreters for the evening. All interpreters had the requisite event experience and capability to deliver under pressure. For the headsets, meanwhile, we liaised directly with the venue team. This determined the correct interpretation, radio transmission systems and receivers were in place. We organised a team of technicians to install and operate our equipment, taking full responsibility for its seamless operation.

With no room for error, we are delighted to report that the event was an unbridled success. The Gorby 80 team in Moscow were enthusiastic in their thanks. The event’s distinguished attendees enjoyed the festivities and it was a wonderful celebration of the guest of honour.