In 1982, a little girl from Lithuania sold seeds at the local market

It wasn’t long before she became a pioneering trader led by her principles of trust. In fact, she was one of the first to demand better working conditions for her fellow ‘hawkers’, or market sellers.

But it was her groundbreaking idea for a precision language services company that brought our founder, Jurga Zilinskiene, to the UK.

In the years since, Guildhawk has grown into a business that employs thousands of translators across the world for hundreds of clients.

We make AI work for people.

We design and develop artificial intelligence software and multilingual SaaS products to drive productivity and make the smart cities of the future safer, happier places for generations to come.

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Why we exist

We believe the world is better when we work together as one – rather than against each other. We exist to unite people through language.

Most organisations depend on hiring talent from outside. We believe in harnessing the ambition of our own people and creating opportunities for them. We encourage everyone at Guildhawk to dream harder and achieve great things.

Because the lives, careers and wellbeing of our people matters to us, we offer training to help them realise their full potential and reach positions where they can flourish. Being challenged, meanwhile, helps us grow and broaden our horizons. We provide a platform from which our people can push themselves further in a safe environment.

Clients and other organisations feel safe working with our people because they know that their business is being looked after by professionals – always with a level of care that we love to show in our work.