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Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade

Following our increased exports into overseas markets in recent years, we were honoured to receive a Queen’s Award.

It was presented to our CEO and founder, Jurga Zilinskiene, at Buckingham Palace, London when we were known as Today Translations. Crucial to this extraordinary growth was a firm focus on people and technology. Our qualified linguists, who we believe are the best in the sector, receive industry-leading terms. And that helps to foster the trust we share with our valued clients.

ISO 9001 certification for quality

You can trust Guildhawk to create better quality because we strive for continuous improvement. Our ISO 9001 certification is proof that we’ve consistently demonstrated our ability to provide services that fully meet the requirements of our clients. It shows that your satisfaction is central to our business. And it’s why you can be confident that our statutory and regulatory expertise is put to work every time we set pen to paper and keyboard to screen. Our quality management systems have been carefully developed over two decades of trading to ensure 99.5% first-time accuracy for translated content and a 95% customer satisfaction rate.

ISO 27001 certification for security

You need to know that your business-critical data is in safe hands. That’s why Guildhawk worked to become the first specialised language company in the world to gain ISO 27001 certification. It’s a strict set of rules around how we establish, implement, maintain and continually improve our information security management systems. We are proud to have extensive measures in place to outmanoeuvre cyber attackers – which is why our dedicated team of security professionals never stop assessing security risks and work tirelessly to counter fraud and bribery.

The Association of Translation Companies

Guildhawk is a leader in industry standards and best practice, which is why we’re honoured to be a member of the Association of Translation Companies (ATC). Founded in 1976, the ATC creates recognition and trust among stakeholders.

European Union of Associations of Translation Companies

Our commitment to help companies thrive internationally drove Guildhawk to join the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies (EUATC). The group provides a united voice on the global stage to promote the highest standards of quality and business practice.