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Mark Brooks-Wadham appointed as new Chairman

We are thrilled to announce that entrepreneur

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Our warmest wishes to His Majesty King Charles III

On behalf of everyone at Guildhawk and Evernoon 尚日(香港)we send our warmest wishes to his Majesty King Charles ...

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Interview with Eric Loustau-Carrere from Stage Entertainment

Stage Entertainment is an international theatrical production company with theatres in the Netherlands, Germany, ...

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The Deal-Breaker of Workplace Diversity

The article summarises a report from Intel, which surveyed 2,000 Gen Z respondents across the UK. Responses ...

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AI – Is It Just a Load of Hot AIr?

From the factory floor to the C-suite, over the last year, the subject of AI has seemed completely inescapable ...

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Guildhawk-Gammon MOU signing

Gammon and Guildhawk announced their partnership to new multilingual AI-powered software to build tomorrow’s smart cities in June of ...

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Guildhawk’s Royal Appointment

If you have been keeping up with our news in the last few weeks, you will know that we have been honoured by Her ...

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Bentley: Wow! I’ve seen the dream factory of the future

Before you hear my wow experience following a tour of

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Is it Mr Kollakis, Kallakis, Καλλακης or Каллакис?

David Clarke is the former director of the UK National Fraud Intelligence Bureau, Chairman of the Fraud Advisory ...

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Guildhawk’s CEO Invited to 10 Downing Street

In a meeting at 10 Downing Street with Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson yesterday, Guildhawk’s CEO & ...

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