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Why clients call our AI-translation software the ‘Magic Machine’ 

The digital human twin of our founder explains the infinite possibilities created when you use Guildhawk’s integrated human and AI-powered Machine Translation software.

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We exist to inspire people through language

In 1982, a little girl from Lithuania sold seeds at her local market.

It wasn’t long before she became a pioneering trader led by her principles of trust. In fact, she was one of the first to demand better working conditions for her fellow ‘hawkers’, or market sellers. But it was her ground-breaking idea to unite people through language and technology that inspired Jurga Zilinskiene, to found our company in 2001.

In the years since, Guildhawk has grown into a business that unites thousands of people across the world. Moreover, we inspire the next generation of young people to learn languages, to code, and become entrepreneurs or ‘hawkers’ like our founder.

Together, we create better integrated human and Machine Translation SaaS solutions. Our people and the solutions we create save lives, protect our environment and improve productivity.

Our mission is infinite and our continued relevance depends on trust, just as it when that little girl started selling seeds. Today, all our experience is here to help you and the next generation of young ‘hawkers’ create a better future.

“I thoroughly recommend Guildhawk for a first-class professional service. The use of the finest linguists and exceptional management make them the leaders in their field.”

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