Avatars & GAI enhance multilingual training and onboarding at Sandvik

Guildhawk | 5 February 2024

Sandvik Mining & Rock Solutions is a global engineering solutions company based out of Sandviken, Sweden. Sandvik Canada’s Environmental Health & Safety Team has partnered with Guildhawk in 2023 and currently to ensure a smooth onboarding process and transparent multilingual training and onboarding offerings.

Guildhawk provides Sandvik Canada with multilingual audio-video services for our onboarding training offerings, among other training modules such as contractor management. Additionally, Guildhawk has provided their GAI AI Translation, a quick easy solution to translate our controlled documents and presentations with their translation offerings.

Comprehensive strategy for Sandvik's training modules

In response to Sandvik’s needs, Guildhawk's project team took initiative-taking measures, by formulating a comprehensive strategy well in advance of project initiation.

This required Sandvik’s Environmental Health and Safety team to meet regularly, while bringing solutions and hurdles to the table.

Sandvik would provide PowerPoint slides and notes to the Guildhawk team, who would deliver the product and review thoroughly with the team to ensure all content was accurate and the quality of work was above and beyond our original expectations.

Successful implementation of Multilingual audio-video services

Guildhawk not only provided a great AI offering for audio-video presentations but was able to support our presentations with over 100 language offerings. The avatars in the visual presentation also had many options and looks to consider.

At the end of the day, Sandvik Canada was provided the product we were promised, with quality and efficiency in mind. We continue to work with Guildhawk and look forward to many more projects together.

Credit: Ryan Fisette
Environmental Health & Safety Manager - Sandvik Canada