AI-assisted Human Translation

Translation with GAI Aided

Translation with GAI Aided

GAI Aided is often hailed as the "magic machine" by our clients. Our cutting-edge GAI Aided service is a fully-managed Machine Translation (MT) solution. This powerful tool takes your content and transforms it into accurate translations, powered by the latest advancements in Natural Language Processing (NLP) including the remarkable GPT model by OpenAI. Our MT's accuracy is driven by its clean training dataset, refined over 7 years using the vast multilingual content of Guildhawk's G-Data Vault, an ultra-pure data lake of high-quality multilingual content.


Elevate your translations with GAI Aided

GAI Aided opens the door to a new realm of translation excellence, revolutionising the way you connect with the world. As your dedicated language companion, it brings a range of benefits that seamlessly enhance your global communication strategy. 

Fast, cost-effective solutions

Fast, cost-effective solutions

Swift and cost-effective translation services, making it ideal for businesses trading internationally. Our advanced technology ensures efficient translations, saving you time and money without compromising quality.

Expert-backed accuracy

Expert-backed accuracy

Receive accurate translations delivered by our language experts. GAI Aided combines the power of AI with human expertise, resulting in translations that maintain clarity, authenticity, and context across various languages.

ISO 27001 certified security

ISO 27001 certified security

Your content's confidentiality is of paramount importance. GAI Aided is protected by our ISO 27001 certification for data security, ensuring that your information remains private and secure throughout the translation process.


What our Customers say about Guildhawk

“I thoroughly recommend Guildhawk for a first-class professional service. Their use of the finest linguists and exceptional management make them the leaders in their field.”

“Dynamic, established and creative organisation. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a translation service to add value to your business or project.”

“Guildhawk has provided us with localisation and typesetting into French and Portuguese across a variety of content. The quality of the translations has always been very high, and a great help in engaging our global teams.”

“Guildhawk are a reliable provider that are not only able to translate accurately and respond quickly, but have the industry’s most experienced translators working on specific documents. They are our preferred supplier for translation services.”

“We were full of praise for the two linguists Guildhawk provided for our meeting in St. Petersburg. Our thanks go to everyone for their hard work.”

“We really value Guildhawk as partners that help us succeed on delivering training across Europe.”

“Guildhawk has delivered a number of projects, with a professional and efficient service whatever the requirement. Guildhawk’s project managers have ensured that the work was consistently of a satisfactory quality.”

“Their focus on high quality, customer care, and data security makes them a model supplier, and I would highly recommend the firm for translation and interpreting services.”


Frequently asked questions

Need more clarity on GAI Aided? We address some of the most common queries. Discover the comprehensive capabilities, features, and how GAI Aided can empower your business's language transformation journey.

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The work we do

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Regulatory compliance with translation for multiple jurisdictions

Amgen is one of the world’s leading biotechnology companies. With a global operation, they are pushing the boundaries of science with a mission to turn the tide on serious, life-interrupting illnesses.

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Medical Translations Support MRC Centre's COVID-19 Reporting

Medical translations that were accurate and created quickly was a top priority during the pandemic.

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