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Speaking your industry language

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100% verified credentials 

Interpreting simultaneously for President Gorbachev at the Royal Albert Hall and helping CNN break news about an unfolding terror attack in Europe, Guildhawk linguists are there by your side. When you need translation support in a courtroom setting, at an international conference or a catwalk fashion show, we are here to help. Operating across the globe our talented linguists deliver simultaneous oral translations, talking in real-time as your speaker delivers their narrative. Alternatively, they offer consecutive interpreting, providing a full translation when the speaker pauses. 

Language + industry credentials

Our professional linguists are specially selected for their expertise in your industry – so they understand your sector’s language.
Familiar with working in fast-paced environments where there’s little time to react, they will flawlessly deliver your speaker’s messages.
We can also provide soundproof booths and headsets for attendees, and translate your event and marketing materials.

professional linguists

Delivering a shared experience through language 

Presenting in multiple languages is a challenge for any organisation. But we have the expertise to accurately deliver your messages, in a way that everyone understands.

Specialist sector expertise

Specialist sector expertise

We have expert linguists in all sectors. So you can rest assured your translator understands the complex language of your industry.

Breaking down linguistic barriers

Breaking down linguistic barriers

Language shouldn’t be a barrier. Our linguists deliver your messages accurately, ensuring everyone has the same experience and understanding.

Professionalism and credibility

Professionalism and credibility

Professionalism begins with language. Our accurate translations resonate with authenticity, conveying a sense of credibility that builds trust.


What our Customers say about Guildhawk


“Whether doing business in the Middle East, Far East or Eastern Europe, understanding the culture is critical to doing business. Guildhawk seamlessly blends top-rate translators with cultural intelligence ensuring you make a good first impression.”


“Guildhawk’s focus on high-quality customer care and data security makes them a model supplier, and I would highly recommend the firm for translation and interpreting services.”

Reuters Plus

“It has been a great experience working with Guildhawk; the team are always prompt to respond to our requests. We trust Guildhawk with all of our language requirements and know the finished product will be delivered on time and always with the highest quality.”

French Connection

“Guildhawk have consistently delivered an extremely high standard of translations and have responded quickly and efficiently to all of our requirements.”

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“Guildhawk were highly responsive, creative and central to the success of the translation and quality assurance process. They were collaborative and operated very much as part of the team. I would commend our experience of working with Guildhawk.”

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