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Guildhawk team

Meet the Team

Leadership Team

Jurga Zilinskiene MBE

CEO, Founder and Coder

Mark Brooks-Wadham


Ian Miller MBE


Arun Chauhan Prof. PgDip

External Legal Counsel

David Clarke


Steve Spark

SaaS Digital Transformation


Rita Hinterleithner

Head of Strategic Accounts

Giorgia Romani

Head of Transformation

Ksenija Fedorenko

Head of Operations

Marius Smit

Head of Marketing

Lewis McDonald

Strategic Account Manager

Mia Campbell

Head of Public Affairs

Alex Bessant

Customer Success Team Lead

Jasmine Wastnidge

Customer Success Team Lead

Margherita Carra

Customer Success Team Lead


Dr Rafael Fischer

Lead UX Developer

Isham Iqbal

Lead Software Developer

Dr Hardik Gohel

Lead Generative AI

Dr Alexandra Anderson

Lead Academic Strategic Transformation

Dr Chris Roast

Lead Academic Research & Innovation

Professor Alex Shenfield

Lead Academic Machine Learning

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