Certified Translation Services Explained

Guildhawk | Jul 2, 2024 11:12:26 AM

Companies, legal entities and individuals need documents to be translated accurately and officially recognised in other languages because the translation must be trusted.

This is crucial in cases where the translated will be used as a source of truth such as evidence in legal proceedings or form part of a dataset to train a machine learning model, since an error here can cause big problems later.

That’s where certified translation services come in. They offer more than just linguistic accuracy, they guarantee the high quality and authenticity which is required for legal, medical and business documents.

What is certified translation services?

Certified translation services is the translation of documents by a professional translator who certifies that the translation is accurate and complete. This certification ensures an accurate translation, which is crucial for legal and official purposes.

  • An extra step is notarised translation which includes a notarised signature verifying the translator's identity and certification from a Notary Public.
  • Certified translations are required for official documents such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, academic transcripts, immigration documents, legal contracts and medical records.

The translator must legally attest that the translation is a true, complete, and accurate translation of the original document provided by the client.

Why certified translation services?

  • Accuracy and Trust: Certified translators are professional experts who ensure the translation is accurate and error free because this is critical for legal and official documents, including notarised translations that are a source of truth.
  • Legal Recognition: Certified translations, including official translations, are recognised and accepted by legal authorities, government agencies and educational institutions worldwide.
  • Confidentiality: Reputable certified translation services adhere to strict non-disclosure agreements, so your sensitive information is safe.
  • Cultural Awareness: Certified translators have cultural knowledge to convey the context and nuances of the source document in the target language, so the translated document meets all requirements.

Why certified translation services is in demand

The demand for certified translation services is growing because:

  • Globalisation of Businesses: As companies go global, the need for accurately translated legal contracts, marketing materials, product information and even the datasets needed to train Artificial Intelligence is critical. Professional translations ensure that these documents and other information is accurate and trustworthy.
  • Immigration: With global mobility on the rise, there is a huge need for translation of personal documents for immigration purposes and the authorities require certification before documents can be accepted.
  • Legal Proceedings: Courts and legal entities require certified translations to ensure all parties understand the documents in their native language.
  • Educational Purposes: Students applying to universities abroad need certified translation of their academic records and other relevant documents to comply with onboarding and due diligence regulations.

Certified translations are only accepted from agencies or translators that are members of specific industry associations, including translation companies like the Association of Translation Companies(ATC).

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3 Facts about certified translation services

Language Diversity: There are over 7,000 languages spoken worldwide but most translation services focus on the top 10 languages which cover approximately 60% of the global population.

Legal and Medical Fields: Certified translations go through rigorous quality checks. Over 60% of certified translation requests come from legal and medical fields, that’s how important accuracy and certification is in these industries.

Immigration Documents: U.S. immigration and the UK government require the translator to provide their credentials and confirm the accuracy of the translation, that’s how vital certification is in maintaining the integrity and acceptance of translated documents.


We live in a world where verifying facts in verbal and written information is the new norm, certified translation services are the key to increasing trust by verifying information is translated accurately.

Government bodies play a key role too. For example, the United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office plays a crucial role in providing official validation for international use.

Whether for business expansion, legal matters or verifying datasets used to train AI, the guarantee of accuracy and official recognition of certified translations by a professional translation company can’t be emphasised enough.

As the global demand for verified data and official information increases, the need for expert humans and certified translations will grow exponentially, so make them a part of your communication arsenal.

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