How global businesses use Multilingual Digital Humans

David Clarke | Oct 31, 2023 9:47:35 AM

Are you facing challenges in effectively communicating safety protocols and compliance guidelines to your international workforce?

Do translation barriers pose obstacles to employees who may not have a strong grasp of the English language?

If so, it's time to discover the revolutionary solution that is transforming multilingual communication for Guildhawk’s clients.

Digital Humans Deliver Safety Training

Introducing multilingual Digital Humans – the remarkable innovation that brings audio and visual translation to video. These amazing avatars are now being widely embraced by corporate clients in industries such as mining, safety, engineering, and remote workforce management to improve safety measures and streamline onboarding processes.

If you've struggled to effectively convey important information to your diverse workforce, you're not alone. Language barriers often hinder clear communication, making it difficult for employees to comprehend technical information.

However, with multilingual Digital Humans, you can bridge this gap and ensure that everyone in the workforce understands safety and compliance rules.

This is precisely what our client in the mining industry has done by using multilingual Digital Humans to deliver key modules of their safety training programme. They have discovered that using AI to automate e-Learning not only increases understanding, but it also gives human trainers more time to deliver one-to-one training.

Digital Human videos have been so effective that the company is now creating a programme for leadership training.

The CEO Becomes a Multilingual Avatar

Training and onboarding new staff from different linguistic backgrounds can also present challenges. Maintaining consistent understanding of corporate policies is instantly improved with the help of avatars powered by digital data.

A global engineering client that uses our Guildhawk Voice avatar videos went one step further, commissioning us to create an authentic Digital Human twin of their CEO. The Chief, who is also the co-founder and recognised across the globe is now making a multilingual star appearance in their client onboarding videos.

Telling the story of the organisation’s heritage in the language the audience knows best is proving to be a powerful tool to inspire customers.

Creating the Avatar SafeHouse™

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to digital avatar technology is the risk that the words spoken may be translated wrongly or the script is not safe. Accuracy is a real issue when you use Machine Translation tools that are not trained on verified data.

Read more about defining safe and ethical principles for Digital Humans.

Google Translate and OpenAI can manage easy translations, but the results can sometimes be embarrassingly bad. The media is full of stories where new translation AI shows bias and even labels people as a terrorist.

Professional organisations want ironclad guarantees that translated avatar scripts are perfect, and the data is kept private. That’s why we created the Avatar SafeHouse™, a secure location where Digital Humans and translated scripts are kept safe to guarantee privacy.

Clients also use GAI, our secure Generative AI translation software to create scripts. In addition to generating high quality translations and being private, the product can be integrated with an API.

AI that Protects Workers Onsite

A global company that conducts safety inspections has now integrated GAI, our secure translation API into their operational platform to enable instant multilingual communications. This has revolutionised their workflows, generating reports faster and far more efficiently.

To further improve multilingual communication, the company commissioned Guildhawk to create a Digital Human of one of the senior directors that is being used to provide briefing information to inspectors in their local language.

As a result, the client is now able to provide information quickly and easily and eliminate any risk of confusion and misunderstandings. This example of automation using AI that is safe is a remarkable insight into the future multilingual technology for good.

What Next for AI Automation?

Safe AI is now transforming work by automating tasks that are currently slow and costly to do. Traditional translation and multilingual video creation is just one area that can be improved by AI, with a little help from human experts.

Multilingual Digital Humans are just one example of how AI automation can save you both time and money. This is the first of many. It is helpful to know that in most cases results generated by machines will still need to be verified by a real human expert.