Audio-visual Localisation

Your audio and visual content can be one of the strongest expressions of your brand in new territories and global marketplaces. It’s absolutely essential to make sure that, when translated, you maintain the same high standard that you worked hard to achieve in your original language.

With a network of experienced language professionals and voiceover actors based across the world, Guildhawk can help give your global customers and staff an entirely consistent brand experience through dubbing, voiceover and subtitling. We can provide assistance at every stage of the localisation process – or even use our expertise to fully outsource your entire project.

Commentary language services rely upon effective analysis of your source material, full and considered translation and effective use of voiceover. Whether you are localising video content, voiceover audio, e-learning resources or animation, we work with some of the best voiceover agencies and recording studios in the world and a continuously expanding roster of talented industry professionals.

When it comes to translating subtitles, our professional linguists are expertly skilled in translating dialogue while capturing the same substance, style and humour of the original content. Our expertise in language means we take everything from readability to time on screen into account when considering how viewers engage with your content.

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