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Your films are translated and localised beautifully because our linguists live AV
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For a brief overview of how to translate a video, visit our FAQs.

Whether it’s part of your product, an important marketing tool, or a means of internal communication, video is a direct and effective way to communicate a message, and can be one of the strongest expressions of your brand voice in new territories and global marketplaces.

The immediate, visual format does, however, mean there’s absolutely nowhere for issues or errors to hide. So, it’s essential to make sure that, when translated, your audio-visual content maintains the high standard you worked so hard to achieve in the original language.

We get it! We take serious pride in our work too, and expect everyone who works on our material to treat it with the same respect.

Our audio-visual team love what they do, and have honed their expertise and quality management on projects for the likes of Discovery Networks, MetaCompliance, and L’Oreal, Over the years, they have built up collaborative relationships with a network of experienced voiceover actors based across the world, and can put together dedicated teams to ensure a familiar, consistent experience across the dubbing and voiceover of your content.

When it comes to subtitle translation, our experts are trained to capture the substance, style and tone of the original, taking everything from culture to time on screen into account when considering how viewers will engage with your content.

Our in-house tech team ensure we can work in whatever platform you need quickly and flexibly, we offer professional transcription, and our senior project managers can develop workflows that fit you – whether you want to be involved in each step, or outsource end-to-end to us.

Click below to get in touch with our AV team, and they’ll put together a process and pricing that works for you.

If you are considering expanding into new markets, but aren’t sure which countries might be the best fit for you, download our Markets Guide. In this guide, we give an overview of 10 of the world’s biggest markets, with information on their cultures, economies, and business prospects. Use the information to narrow down your search, and we can perform more in-depth research on your top picks for your specific sector and growth strategy.

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