e-Learning Localisation

As your business expands into new territories, it can be a challenge to maintain your values and company culture amongst your global staff. Our professional e-Learning and software content localisation services ensure that everybody in your organisation feels part of the same group. We can help make your training standards and corporate education consistent and relevant, no matter where your staff are based.

We offer language services for every e-Learning software platform, as well as video voiceover and subtitling, transcreation and learning localisation. All performed by our specialist e-Learning linguists with extensive industry experience. 

The e-Learning industry is predicted to see continued growth in the coming years. With a shortage of qualified digital professionals, new technology will be key for companies to give their employees the support they need. 

Our linguists understand the nuances of the challenges facing your industry, as well as the technical requirements of software platforms and, of course, how to properly communicate for effective learning outcomes. And, because we understand that all of your data is sensitive, we’ll always apply the rigour of our ISO 27001 security accreditation to your HR policies, internal material and policy documentation. 

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