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Integrated Translation Solutions for Websites, Apps & Social Media

Create seamless multi-language communication with GAI AI-translation and Expert-in-the-Loop (EITL)
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How do you guarantee your communications are seamlessly translated and localised into the language of your global audiences? Integrate GAI, the latest AI-translation with Expert-in-the-Loop (EITL) verification. For a brief overview of how to translate a website, visit our FAQ page.

Because there are a variety of things to think about when translating a website, we have created a quick and easy website localisation checklist for you. This checklist lays out all the things you need to make decisions about before starting your website translation. For example, do you need different language versions to be search engine optimised for their respective markets? Will you need images reviewed for cultural appropriateness? etc.

We live in a digital world; something which has become even more obvious over the last year. Whether or not your actual product is digital, your website is more important than ever before. To put it bluntly, in most cases, your business’s online presence has become its only presence.

Every savvy business knows this, and shows it with the great care and attention they put in to building their original website, app and social media presence. But what then? What about your international clients and audiences, your global employees and partners? Don’t they deserve more than automated translations that contain errors? Don’t you want them to understand your messaging, appreciate your brand and values, buy your products?

By integrating digital and human solutions your content is translated quickly and the results are authentic every time. This helps inspire your audience and saves you time and money.

Guildhawk has been working for many years with companies that understand the value of localising their digital presence. We’ve worked with companies as different as Freightliner and the Saatchi Gallery, the former on website content and HTML testing, and the latter a culture-based rewrite for the Chinese market. We’ve partnered with digital-first innovators like MetaCompliance, and created APIs and platforms for Mitsubishi and global service specialists.

As a language and technology company, we have a long history of innovating in the digital realm, both for our clients and for ourselves. We know where the issues come from, and how to prevent them. We know what the average digital infrastructure is lacking, and how to fill those gaps.

Click below to get in touch with our digital team, let them know what you want to achieve, and they’ll advise on the best way to do it.

If you are translating your website as a first step into new markets, but you’re not sure which countries might be the best fit for your business, download our Markets Guide. In this guide, we give an overview of 10 of the world’s biggest markets, with information on their cultures, economies, and business prospects. Use the information to narrow the field, and we can then perform more in-depth research based on your specific needs and growth strategy.

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“Guildhawk have been an integral part of VFS Global’s success in bidding for international contracts. They thoroughly understand the technical language and terminology required, giving us complete faith in the translations they produce on our behalf.”

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