Localising movies for Sony Pictures

Guildhawk | 7 August 2023

Sony Pictures Europe is part of a global entertainment corporation that is responsible for some of the biggest media franchises in the world.


Since 2010, Guildhawk has been providing translation and transcreation services for marketing materials to promote the company’s upcoming cinema releases. We have localised content across 15 languages for more than 100 films.

The Challenge

Consistent delivery

With a wide range of target languages – from Latin American Spanish to Korean – for their global film distribution, Sony Pictures Europe needed a precision language company who could provide specialists in any market.

The Solution

Website translations expertise

Guildhawk provides regular website translations, many of which must work alongside a variety of interactive and dynamic web design elements.

To ensure that text displays correctly and translation is always accurate, we provide all our website content for Sony Pictures Europe in an agreed HTML format and include proofreading by a second team of independent linguists.

Our commitment to efficiency and effectiveness also means that, as an ongoing client, we have put together a dedicated pool of specialist linguists for Sony Pictures Europe.

Their professional marketing experience and mastery of the client’s specific tone and semantic style means that Sony gets a higher quality output, for a lower cost, on all of their multilingual campaigns.

The Results

Achieving precision and efficiency

The solution we devised ensured seamless integration of translated content alongside interactive and dynamic web design elements, allowing text to display flawlessly across Sony Pictures Europe's website.

By providing all website content in an agreed HTML format and employing a second team of independent linguists for proofreading, we maintained consistent accuracy in translations.

Our commitment to efficiency and effectiveness was further exemplified by assembling a dedicated pool of specialist linguists, possessing professional marketing experience and a deep understanding of the client's specific tone and semantic style.

This approach not only elevated the quality of Sony's multilingual campaigns but also led to cost reductions, benefiting the client's overall marketing strategy.