Protecting workers in African mines with better translation

Guildhawk | 4 January 2024

African Underground Mining Services (AUMS) has been offering exceptional mechanized underground mining services to clients in Africa since 2007. AUMS is the result of a joint venture between Ausdrill, which has been operating in Africa for over 15 years, and Barminco, an expert in underground mining.

The 50/50 JV enables AUMS to leverage the local knowledge and expertise of Ausdrill, along with Barminco's underground mining proficiency, resulting in a unique and powerful entity. As a highly productive underground mining service provider, AUMS offers an unparalleled combination of both companies' knowledge to its clients.


No one knows that better than industry leaders African Underground Mining, who earned their positive reputation over decades. So, when they needed to translate safety-critical training resources from English to French, they chose Guildhawk as their trusted partner.

The Challenge

When you’re working underground, safety is key

The company’s e-learning content spanned 20 technical disciplines including drilling, truck operations and explosive handling. Lives literally depended on getting it right, so precision translation was paramount.

The Solution

Specialised approach to technical translation

Guildhawk's approach to the challenge was marked by the strategic assembly of a specialised team possessing in-depth engineering knowledge. This team not only brought linguistic expertise but also a profound understanding of the technical nuances associated with drilling, truck operations, and explosive handling.

To further enhance the precision and consistency of the translated materials, Guildhawk implemented a meticulous process of creating and sharing project-specific glossaries containing technical terms.

This ensured a uniform and accurate interpretation of the content, reinforcing the effectiveness of the safety-critical training resources.

The Result

Ensuring safety excellence

The translation project, encompassing 20 technical disciplines crucial to underground mining operations, addressed the paramount importance of precision to ensure the safety of lives in this high-risk environment.

The project was executed seamlessly, meeting both the stipulated timeline and budgetary considerations. The localised materials resulting from this collaboration continue to play a crucial role in assisting miners in their pursuit of safety underground.

By successfully navigating the complexities of translating intricate technical content, Guildhawk has contributed significantly to the ongoing safety initiatives of African Underground Mining, solidifying their reputation as a trusted partner in the industry.