Creating Technologies for the Smart Cities of Tomorrow

Guildhawk creates translation software solutions for cities of the future that you can integrate today

Guildhawk is a tech-led language services consultancy, whose technologies help bring built environments into the future and enhance safety through digitisation.

Our core technology suite includes a set of 4 technology and machine learning products – Guildhawk Voice, Guildhawk Aided, Text Perfect and Robotic scanner – which optimise interactions with built environments, whether in terms of access to and sharing of data, avoidance of costly (and dangerous) errors, or insights into more efficient maintenance.

Guildhawk Voice

Win the race for attention with this AI tool that converts text directly to video in minutes, and in over 50 languages. Allows Health & Safety, Training, and other essential materials to be turned into video starring an AI avatar – improving understanding and retention of information, without a need for expensive studio hire, dubbing, or post production.

You can find more information in the Guildhawk Voice section of our website.

Guildhawk Aided

Dubbed the “magic machine” by our clients, this machine-learning tool translates thousands of pages in minutes. Based on years of training using Guildhawk’s ultra-pure multilingual data warehouse, the results resemble human intelligence by imitating the neurons of the human brain. Allows digitised content to be made multilingual, and offers time and costing savings of up to 80% compared to manual translation.

To learn more, take a look at our Guildhawk Aided page.

Text Perfect

Powered by AI and machine learning, and uniquely trained by the best human authors, this automatic editor performs traditionally time-consuming, tedious editing tasks in just a few minutes. Ensures all digitised content is present and correct, and meets consistent standards and requirements. Offers cost and time savings of up to 75% compared to manual proofreading and editing.

For more information, visit our Text Perfect page.

Robotic scanner

Our robotic scanner creates digital copies of hard copy documents; using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to detect text within an image, extract it, and convert to create fully editable, machine-encoded documents. This allows for digitisation of hard copies, editable copies of old scans and PDFs, and creation of digital twins.

Our construction industry is heavily relying on an extensive range of digital applications. With Guildhawk’s total solution, information could be digitalised efficiently and presented in a more engaging way.

Paul Evans, Chief Technology Officer at Gammon Construction