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For a brief overview of translation options and costs, visit our FAQs.

The language of finance is not one that everybody can speak. It is a language particular to its sector, built up over years of learning and experience, and necessitating absolute accuracy.

Translating and communicating financial information across countries, therefore, requires a highly specific skillset. It’s like a language within a language; and one that Guildhawk has been speaking for quite some time!

We’ve been working with clients in the Finance sector for 20 years; translating large volumes of specialist financial and tax documentation for a variety of companies, including one of the world’s best-known finance specialists.

You can be as hands-on or off as you wish in the process; receiving ongoing updates or outsourcing end-to-end to our expert project managers. Either way, you can rest assured your content is in safe hands. We know how important total accuracy is when it comes to financial information, not to mention data security. That’s why we have achieved ISO27001 certification for information security, as well as ISO9001 for quality. You can find more information here on how quality is a word with real, measurable meaning at Guildhawk.

Our Tech team often work closely with the Finance team to develop solutions for our clients, either to link in with existing portals and platforms, or to create new ones, such as the portal we created for a global accountancy and business services client.

And for projects with huge volumes and tight timelines, we can also offer access to our AI translation tool, Guildhawk Aided. This tool enables automated translation of content at speed and reduced cost, and can be very effective for financial content. Another solution to reduce cost and timelines is data extraction, where only pertinent information is pulled out for translation; particularly useful for identifying and comparing contract terms, etc.

Whatever it is you need to achieve, just click below to get in touch with the team. They can advise which approach is most effective for you, based on budget, aims and timeline, and get exactly the right people on the job.

If your company is expanding internationally but you’re not sure which countries may be best for you, download our Markets Guide. In this guide, we give a brief overview of 10 of the world’s biggest markets, with information on their cultures, economies, and business prospects. Use the guide to identify your preferred options, and we can run more in-depth research depending on your exact strategy.

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