It is small wonder that companies trading internationally are seeking an Artificial Intelligence tool that makes translation quicker and cheaper whilst maintaining the human touch. For too long, Language Tech has been the underperforming older brother of FinTech and RegTech, promising to do better but then failing to turn up for the exam. Finally, the long-awaited shift that began in the 1950s has arrived. It is Guildhawk Aided, a new innovation built on Microsoft’s multi-billion dollar product suite. 

Thanks to a mega investment into AI by Microsoft, a strategic shift in machine learning has disrupted the market – Language Tech has finally graduated from college. There are six main benefits to using Guildhawk Aided for multilingual content:

  • Quality: It produces better translation by employing advanced neural networks.
  • Assurance: The AI is trained by a professional human who edits each translation.   
  • Speed: It is quick and easy to deploy and maintain.
  • Secure: Unlike other translation tools, information is not accessible to others.
  • Cost: Employing the tool at the first phase of translation reduces overall project cost, often significantly. 
  • Flexibility: The AI can replace or complement legacy translation software.            

If the language barrier has prevented you from realising your full potential or your current language provider is struggling to give you what you need, please give us a call. 

Guildhawk: Making it easy for clients to do business anywhere, in any language