Now you can automate verification of your GPT translation results with GAI

Screenshot question and answer from Open AI Chat GPT explaining top risk in not verifying results generated by ChatGPT included in a news post about Guildhawk GAI AI-translation GPT verification by Elite Linguists that verify GPT with automated Expert-in-the-Loop technology.
Response generated by ChatGPT describing the biggest risk from not verifying results created by the generative AI chatbot.

Why it is vital to verify GPT results

New generative AI like GPT-3 is causing a sensation but why is it vital to verify GPT translation results? Moreover, how do you automate verification quickly and securely.

Let’s start by asking ChatGPT, ‘What is the biggest risk if you do not verify a result generated by ChatGPT?”

Helpfully, the platform instantly presents the following answer:

The biggest risk of not verifying the results generated by ChatGPT is the possibility of incorrect or inaccurate information being distributed. The model may generate responses that contain errors, biases, or offensive content. If this information is used without verification, it can lead to confusion, harm, or even damage to an individual or organization’s reputation. In addition, incorrect information can spread quickly, making it difficult to correct later. Therefore, it is important to verify the results generated by ChatGPT before using them.

Incorrect information can spread quickly, making it difficult to correct later. Therefore, it is important to verify the results generated by ChatGPT before using them.


AI and human errors can be costly

ChatGPT is right to warn about the reputational damage that can result from generating inaccurate content. A startling example came this week when Alphabet shares took a nosedive after Google AI’s chatbot generated a wrong answer. Alphabet Inc lost $100 billion in market value after the errors appeared in a video intended to promote the power of the chatbot. This raised concerns that the technology giant was losing ground to rival Microsoft. The home goal also raised questions about the level of verification conducted by humans. Presumably a human had checked the answer before revealing the video to the world.

Generate better AI-translation results with GAI – powered by data verified by human experts

GIF moving image showing GAI Instant AI-translation secure platform processing a new machine translation of a document powered by new generative AI GPT technologies

The results created by new generative AI like GPT-3 are improved when algorithms are trained on data that is trusted. This is because the data lake contains information known to be completely accurate. This is data that is checked and verified. The data lake creates a ‘Single Source of Truth’ (SSOT) where only accurate information is safely stored. It is then perfect for training AI.

Over many years, Guildhawk created a SSOT. This is private, and is used to power the GAI AI-translation SaaS platform. Thus, when you translate documents and text with GAI, the results are authentic and accurate.

Increased assurance with Expert-in-Loop

For the ultimate assurance, AI-translation results created by GAI can be verified by an Elite Linguist with Expert-in-the-Loop (EITL). This is a quick and easy automated process. Best of all, it gives you access to Guildhawk’s global network of certified linguists. These are the most skilled professionals with industry credentials to create and verify translations.

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