Exciting News: Mia Campbell Joins Guildhawk!

Guildhawk | Feb 8, 2024 3:26:26 PM

We are thrilled to welcome Mia Campbell as our new Head of Public Affairs. With her unique expertise in safety, she will champion a series of exclusive events as we launch the first self-learning AI engine to process multilingual data and next generation of secure digital humans.

As the former Head of the Fraud Advisory Panel, Mia has united professionals from around the world to improve safety and combat fraud. Her unique experience and passion for new technologies that are backed by human expertise make her the perfect fit for Guildhawk.

In her own words, "We are in the Age of Multilingual Digital Humans powered by Generative AI. I'm excited to join Guildhawk because they are leaders in building AI translation engines and are creating the new wave of avatars that give companies the ISO:27001 data security protections they want."

Jurga Zilinskiene, CEO and Founder of Guildhawk, is especially pleased to have Mia on board.

"With her experience of leading international initiatives and deep understanding how to protect data, Mia has won the respect of professionals across the world. We are excited to have her join our team as we launch our new AI engines and Digital Humans that will be game-changing for businesses."