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  • Reduce document translation costs by 80% with our AI tool, Guildhawk Aided
  • Personalised translation memories created and trained free of charge (AI remembers your specific style, terminology and rules and automatically applies them to future document translations)


  • Highly competitive pricing, benchmarked against industry standards
  • Proprietary technologies like Text Perfect & Guildhawk Aided further reduce costs by up to 80%


  • Over 3,000 specialist translators in 180 countries
  • Project Managers certified by the Association of Project Managers (APM)


  • UKAS ISO9001 certified for over a decade
  • 97% client satisfaction rating


  • 131 data security controls
  • 1st translation company to attain UKAS ISO27001 certification 

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Trusted In Any Language

Guildhawk is one of the most trusted translation companies in the UK, offering expert translation services for 13 core industries.

Clients like CNN, The British Standards Institute, and Mitsubishi have chosen us to handle their translation needs for the last 20 years.

Give us a little information about your project (and a copy of any documents you have) and we’ll outline the best translation options for you.

Translations you can use with total confidence, whether you want to:

  • Sell your product more effectively in France
  • Complete a cross-border M&A in China
  • Launch an Arabic e-learning module for your employees
  • Manage lease documents in English to comply with IFRS 16
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We pride ourselves on keeping on top of trends in our clients’ industries, so we can help them stay at the leading edge. As budgets drop and workloads increase, our clients need everything to be

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Demand for jobs to be done quicker

100% assurance to drive excellence

Global regulatory compliance challenges

Non-native speakers creating content

Demand for efficiencies with quality


Guildhawk Aided is 10x faster

131 security and quality checks, externally audited

Staff learn better with our localised e-Learning tools

Text Perfect AI algorithims make content native

Quality output that is 80% cheaper

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