Learn why multilingual data verified by certified humans is crucial to train safe AI

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Machine Translation Ethics: What you Need to Know

Machine translation (MT) has revolutionised communication, what was seen as language barriers in the past have now been broken down by automated translation, but the ethics of machine translation ...

3 min read

How to Choose the Best Machine Translation Software in 2024

With various machine translation software providers available in the market, it can be difficult to choose which is the best option for you. The key question you should ask is ‘

5 min read

In Practice: How Accurate is Google Translate?

Google Translate, a ubiquitous tool in today's globalised world, boasts an impressive feat – translating between 133 languages. But with such a vast scope, the question arises: ...

4 min read

Flood of bad machine translations: Serious impact on AI training models

Behind the excitement about the sensational potential of new AI to improve lives, there is a little talked about secret killer that can drown AI. It is poor quality datasets and it transpires ...

4 min read

How does Human Translation compare with Machine Translation?

In the constant search for new customers in global markets, where buyers expect to see products sold in the language they understand. Small wonder then that translation is a

5 min read

How AI translation evolved and what’s next

Using new Generative AI like GPT to automate work is now increasingly popular due to the drive to improve efficiency. Automating translation is our area of expertise at Guildhawk. ...

10 min read