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For a quick introduction to how to manage regulatory compliance internationally, as well as information around quality and accuracy, visit our FAQs.

Ensuring your business complies with local regulations can mean the difference between flourishing in a given market, and never even getting off the ground.

But it can be tricky to keep up with changing regulations in just one territory; how can you effectively manage multiple?

The key is having people on the ground who know your sector and keep up with changes to local regulation; specialists who can make sure you are always on top of what’s required to keep you fully compliant in each and every one of your locations.

Guildhawk have been assisting our clients with global regulatory compliance for 20 years. We ensure multinational companies like Amgen meet requirements for their biotechnology facilities – an area subject to understandably rigorous regulation – through lease abstraction. We support startups like ReelNRG as they move into brand new markets and seek approval to operate in highly regulated industries. And we regularly help clients navigate data protection laws on an international scale. Did you know, for instance, that Russia does not allow companies to transfer data relating to its citizens outside the country? Or that some countries allow certain types of data to be stored outside the country and not others?

These are the details not everyone understands the importance of. But you do. And now you’ve found a partner who does too!

But once the detail is covered, what about the bigger picture it serves? Let’s be honest – there’s not much point in getting approval for your product or service if the market doesn’t trust your brand enough to use it.

Your brand is the bedrock of your business. And it is supported by many elements, including logos and design, customer and client relationships, and the values by which you operate. Any attack by unscrupulous individuals might cost your company greatly – both financially and in longstanding damage to your reputation.

At Guildhawk, we can protect your brand and business. Our industry specialists are experts in counter-fraud advisory services and risk management. With a dedicated team of security-cleared translators and special advisors, we were the first language services company to attain ISO 27001 certification – the international accreditation standard for information security management systems.

We’ve assisted clients with everything from internal investigations to anti-phishing training, helping them to manage both the crucial detail and the all-important bigger picture.

Click the contact button below to get in touch with our regulatory compliance & brand integrity teams. They will be happy to offer their expertise on the best way to tackle whatever’s on your plate.

If you are starting to think about new territories, download our Markets Guide. In this guide, we give a brief overview of 10 of the world’s biggest markets, with information on their cultures, economies, and business prospects. Use the information to narrow your search, and we can provide more in-depth research into the territories you choose.

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