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If you’re new to lease abstraction and would like to learn more about how it could benefit you and your business, read our short introductory guide to the subject – “5 Reasons to Choose Multilingual Lease Abstraction”.

Most multinational companies, regardless of their sector, have physical premises in a number of different countries, all of which require centralised management. In our current world, this commercial real estate requires more careful administration than ever before, as health and safety precautions, configuration requirements, and even laws, change daily around the world.

For companies that require full translation of all international leases and agreements, we have an expert team on hand who really know their stuff; something we pride ourselves on at all times, and which is completely non-negotiable in a time of such change.

If timelines are tight and volumes are high, we can offer access to our AI translation tool, Guildhawk Aided, which can dramatically reduce costs and timelines for full translation.

Or, for those who know which details they need from each lease contract, we can provide our lease abstraction service – the most efficient way to have all essential information in one place, allowing monitoring and comparison of terms across all properties, regardless of where they are.

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Our lease abstraction services are GDPR compliant, allow you to meet IFRS, GAAP, and FCPA requirements, and are guaranteed under our ISO 27001 certification for information security.

Abstraction is something we do for a number of our clients, including one global fashion group for whom we created savings of up to 75%, so we work with a wide variety of platforms and formats already.

You can download our factsheet here.

Guildhawk is also an affiliate member of the NRTA, which helps us keep our expertise sharp, and connects us with a growing network of lease administration specialists.

Click the contact button below to get in touch with our Leases team, and they will advise on the best approach to achieve exactly what you need.

If your company is planning on expanding into new markets, but isn’t sure where may be the best fit, download our Markets Guide. In this guide, we give a brief overview of 10 of the world’s biggest markets, with information on their cultures, economies, and business prospects. Use the information to refine your choices, and we can provide deeper insight on the countries you are considering.

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