Automating translation for Mitsubishi

Guildhawk | 1 December 2023

Mitsubishi, a key player in one of the world's largest conglomerates, aimed to advance its business operations in Europe. The challenge at hand was the need for localised versions of a crucial website across multiple territories.In response to this, Guildhawk, a leading provider of localisation services, leveraged its expertise to deliver a comprehensive solution that would empower Mitsubishi in their expansion efforts.

The Challenge

Navigating multifaceted localisation needs

The primary challenge faced by Mitsubishi was the necessity for localised versions of a critical website to cater to diverse European markets. This required not only accurate translation services but also a streamlined process that would minimise costs and increase operational efficiency.

The existing dependence on external providers and time-consuming tasks tied up internal resources, posing a significant obstacle to Mitsubishi's expansion goals.

The Solution

Empowering efficiency through innovative technology

Guildhawks approach involved combining translation expertise with innovative language solutions. Beyond conventional translation services, Guildhawk showcased its proficiency by developing a customised application programming interface (API) for Mitsubishi.

This API empowered the client to independently manage content, significantly reducing costs over a two-year period.

The integration of Guildhawks solution with Mitsubishi's existing website content management system (CMS) played a pivotal role in enhancing efficiency. By providing Mitsubishi with full control over content management, our solution aimed to streamline processes and eliminate the need for extensive reliance on external providers.

A novel module was introduced to the CMS, enabling the automatic extraction of the entire English content from the website. Subsequently, after translation and localisation, the module facilitated the seamless import of translations as direct updates to the website.

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The Result

Substantial gains and cost savings through seamless integration

The implementation of Guildhawks solution resulted in tangible benefits for Mitsubishi. The innovative API, coupled with the streamlined CMS integration, led to improved internal processes.

The automation of content extraction and translation updates not only saved valuable time but also contributed to a substantial cost saving of £250,000 over a two-year period.

This successful collaboration exemplifies our expertise in translation technology and its commitment to delivering solutions that drive efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and client success.