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Our clients in the legal sector and professional services industry often make the assumption that they need to wade through masses of translated documents to obtain the information they need. We tell them that, in many cases, there is another way.

At Guildhawk, we can analyse foreign language documentation and extract only the specific details you require. It’s how our advanced AMLiss™ service provides substantial financial savings – both on the project cost and on the cost of internal resource that would otherwise be spent performing hours of unnecessary work.

Of course, few industries require such strict standards of data security.

Guildhawk’s independently audited ISO 27001 certification for information security, as well as our GDPR compliant processes, is proof of our robust commitment to protecting your sensitive data. 

We exclusively use experienced, specialist linguists, cover all deliverables with comprehensive global indemnity insurance (including US jurisdictions) and, as a member of the ATC, we can certify documents for accuracy and provide notarisation, apostille and other legalisation services.

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“Guildhawk are a reliable provider that are not only able to translate accurately and respond quickly, but have the industry’s most experienced translators working on specific documents. They are our preferred supplier for translation services.”

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