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Marketing is about much more than literal meaning. The brand stories our clients create are driven by implicit decision-making and product truths. Public relations, meanwhile, is a carefully considered artform that must respond to continually evolving cultural standards and expectations. All of which means that the challenge when providing language services for marketing and PR is a complex one indeed.

At Guildhawk, our specialist language professionals understand that style, intent and context are all vital considerations, in addition to meaning, in this sector. They consider the specific cultural concerns of their native country, where they are based to ensure effectiveness. And they do it all while working to our collaborative, dynamic processes.

Our linguists harness their extensive industry experience to ensure that your brand messaging is conveyed with clarity, every nuance is expressed, and unintended negative connotations are anticipated and avoided.

We believe that full security for your projects should be an expectation all of your suppliers can meet with confidence – especially when contractual obligations for confidential and embargoed projects could present a potential liability risk to your business. Our independently audited ISO 27001 certification is proof of our commitment to your sensitive project work.

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“It has been a great experience working with Guildhawk; the team are always prompt to respond to our requests. We trust Guildhawk with all of our language requirements and know the finished product will be delivered on time and always with the highest quality.”

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