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Your brand is everything. It’s your style. Your key differentiator. It’s the trust you share with your customers. 

So how do you stop the nuances of your brand getting lost in translation – and ensure that every single one of your global customers has a consistent, appropriate and effective brand experience, no matter their language or market? 

At Guildhawk, we understand that the language you use to speak about your brand and products is highly specific and can’t be translated based on meaning alone. But, while the challenge is great, it’s one we continue to solve for all of our clients in the retail, beauty and fashion industries.

Before we begin work on a project, we collaborate with our clients to produce detailed glossaries, style and tone of voice guides and preference documents. These resources act as reference points for our network of specialist language professionals, all of whom are experienced in retail and marketing in their native country. 

We also understand that your original designs have been carefully considered. That’s why our design specialists provide graphic-led multilingual outputs that are faithful to the source material. 

All of which means that whichever specific culture your brand is localised for, your unique brand voice will never be lost.

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“Guildhawk have consistently delivered an extremely high standard of translations and have responded quickly and efficiently to all of our requirements.”

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