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What is the best way to make technology platforms multilingual? Integrate next generation digital translation technology verified by Guildhawk Expert-in-the-loop (G-EITL)

How can you be sure your suppliers understand the unique challenges faced by the technology sector? You could start by selecting a precision language services company founded by a tech enthusiast and coder, who single-handedly built a bespoke management system. 

Our experience and passion for the tech sector is what drives us at Guildhawk to help our clients reach new global markets. We continue to develop innovative new tools to keep our business at the cutting edge, and leverage existing solutions to improve quality and cost-effectiveness.

Many of our clients in tech ask us how we ensure accuracy and consistency to preserve carefully considered user journeys and provide full clarity of meaning. It’s a challenge we solve through the use of glossaries and phrase lists, developed in collaboration with our clients and used consistently through all of our outputs. 

Please get in touch to discover how our network of like-minded linguists could harness their specialist experience of the tech sector to benefit your business.

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