Our Work in the Middle East

Big infrastructure projects and corporate e-learning drives translation demand

Renewable energy, e-Learning technology and big infrastructure projects are at the heart of our work for clients in the Middle East. We have also collaborated on projects to introduce amazing new products for luxury brands and the real estate sector.

Clients use our special know-how in the area of digitisation and organisation of documents that may or may not be in a machine readable format. Clients want these documents to help them improve their performance and make digital transformation a success. Since 2001, we have researched, tested and introduced processes and new technologies to help clients get the quality results they want.

Increasingly, clients are migrating away from manual translation to adopt our automatic Machine Translation technologies like Guildhawk Aided. These powerful solutions are finally coming of age due to advances in Machine Learning. Qualified human linguists are always used for new technical content and help to verify translation created by machines. We call this process our Human-in-the-loop or HITL. See below for some examples of our work.