A big thank you for joining Dr Chris Roast and me at Sheffield Hallam University to discover the secret future of corporate avatars. The questions and later discussions with the audience were inspiring and reassured me that, whatever challenges come our way next, we have amazing people ready to step up.

In this quick one-minute video and read, you will learn the three big improvements I envisage being created when our multilingual digital selves start working their magic to help us in the Metaverse. You also can now watch the complete conversation online.


1. Digital Twins of Everything and Everyone

You know in your heart when something big is coming long before it does. The new industrial revolution will create big challenges and amazing opportunities for you because everything will have a digital twin including skyscrapers, speed boats and you and me – our virtual human twins. You may already have an avatar of yourself that you use for competing in games online.

Like magic, powerful new AI will let you quickly create a full-body High Definition 3D digital twin that is authentic and identical to you, just like a Hollywood blockbuster.           

Miraculously, you will be able to speak fluently in all languages. Due to this we are creating a workspace where people are connected in the Metaverse, where every language is spoken.

2. Hyper-Productivity

How many times have you wished you had a special helper to do things for you? Imagine now there are two, three, four of you.

First imagine how you would be freed from repetitive things you don’t like, then all the extra things you can do that you enjoy!

3. Fluent in Every Language

Things you do today that inspire others took years to learn. You know how to create remarkable products, services and experiences; some will be works of art only available from you. Imagine you can now tell us about your art speaking in over 50 languages!

I introduced my sensational new song project with Alex Mendham to an exclusive group of my Chinese friends recently. I love these songs and wanted to create magic when I premiered them in a glamourous black and white film. They were startled when I introduced them speaking fluent Mandarin! My multilingual digital twin instantly created the result I wanted.         

Discover Our Extraordinary Technologies [Mandarin Version]
Discover Our Extraordinary Technologies [Spanish Version]
Discover Our Extraordinary Technologies [English Version]

What we are creating is a new system of work that helps our customers to do more, increase trust and understanding so that everyone achieves their results. More than anything we want to bring fun into the work environment because it helps keep people safe and healthy and that helps them to flourish in life.

In the future virtual human twins will be everywhere. I love the many bonuses these bring so I am thrilled to announce that Guildhawk will be the first company in the world where all staff can have a multilingual digital twin if they want one.

Please do call us if you would like to know more about how to create extraordinary results from your multilingual big data.