You may well ask why. Why would we make such a fundamental change to a name and an identity that has brought us so far, a name that has even been honoured by an award from Her Majesty The Queen?

It’s a sensible question, and one that initially kept me awake at night, back in the early days of our research. But the need for the change has only become more obvious over time, and my fear of letting go has all but disappeared (all but – TT has, after all, been my baby for a very long time – 18 wonderful years).

You see, this is not a decision that we came to overnight. Far from it! We have been researching and deliberating, conferring and creating for over two years to get to this point. It may seem like a long time, but it has positively flown. Two years is not that much time to figure out how best to communicate who exactly you are, and how that has changed over time.

Or to conduct in-depth research on the language industry as a whole and how you fit into it (or not, as the case may be). In essence, two years to identify your team’s exact voice and unique talents, and learn how to help them leverage these to contribute positively to the world.

But finally, we are there. We understand who we are and what we can do. And we have found a way to communicate that and connect with others who feel the same way. To boil it down to its most basic point – we are not a translation company, or at least not only that!

Let me explain… When I first founded Today Translations, we were a straightforward translation company, catering for the regular language needs of legal firms and corporate entities. As the company matured, so our offering expanded and diversified, along with the developing complexity of the international marketplace and the myriad ways in which language began to intersect with business, compliance, and due diligence.

During this expansion, it became clear to us that the term “translation” had come to be associated with tools such as Google Translate, and that human language experts had become commoditised and forced to compete on a level with machines. It also became obvious that “translation” came nowhere near describing the sheer range of services and consultancy we provided.

We’ve welcomed many new faces and perspectives into our fold, and increasingly the name Today Translations came to be… well, limiting. Translation is just a part of what we do; it is by no means the whole.

Guildhawk is a name with a rich legacy, dating right back to my time as a young market hawker behind the Iron Curtain…


And so we decided to move away from “translations” and the boundaries this placed on us – both in our own minds and in our attempts to communicate our capabilities to others.

Guildhawk is a name with a rich legacy, dating right back to my time as a young market hawker behind the Iron Curtain, and encompassing the experience of our team as a collective, or guild, of language specialists. This human focus is reflected in our new symbol, imagery and tone of voice, reinforcing the ethos we have always lived by – as Today Translations and now Guildhawk – that people are our most important asset and should be valued and taken care of.

Personally, I love our new identity, and can feel my excitement reflected in the team, who can clearly see themselves in what we have created. Now to take it out into the world, in the hope that it will attract, and be understood by, other businesses who value the same things we do – trust, collaboration and honest hard work. Wish us luck!

Guildhawk is the new name of Today Translations. We remain a privately held British company, operating with the same company number and have not merged with another entity. All terms and contracts remain the same, as does the team. Please rest assured that our name may have changed but we have not.