Virtual Humans helped the IGPP increase knowledge

The fourth industrial revolution is upon us and powerful Artificial Intelligence will soon bring remarkable improvements, and big challenges.

This was the topic of the recent conference by the Institute for Government and Public Policy (IGPP). Ten experts in machine learning, ethics and governance shared their knowledge on ensuring AI is a force for good. The experts discussed how serious consequences occur when bias and errors pollute the data lakes used to train AI algorithms.

Some of the key lessons from the day were:

  • Increase trust in your AI technologies by collaborating with AI experts, and the people impacted by the new technology.
  • Test and verify your new machine learning models in the same way that we test clinical devices rigorously.
  • Be transparent about how you collect and use data.
  • Understand the importance of clean and unbiased data when training your AI algorithms. Even inadvertent biases in data sources can teach algorithms to discriminate.

The one-day conference was hosted by David Clarke, the Director of Integrity at Guildhawk. David led the UK Government programme that created the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau and the powerful technology behind it. To summarise and increase learning from the sessions, we used David’s AI Virtual Human to present the key lessons in a quick video. You can watch it below:

The role of multilingual data science

You can increase these magical results by applying the latest multilingual data science.

The majority of backend data has been created in English, and this is only language most global data is available in.

Now, multilingual data science like that used by Guildhawk is creating solutions that instantly improve learning outcomes. Our AI Virtual Humans for example let you quickly speak many languages. Moreover, the private multilingual data lake created by Guildhawk and used to train our machine translation models contain only pure translations verified by humans that are certified and tested. Therefore, there is the extra guarantee that machine translations are authentic and there is no risk of human bias.

To illustrate the improved learning that pure multilingual data brings, the IGPP video with David’s digital twin was recreated speaking French. To maintain security and trust, the video production process uses both AI and human intelligence to verify the translation and to introduce images that inspire the viewer. The results are amazing as you can see when you compare the French version with the original English here:           

Multilingual data science like that used by Guildhawk is creating solutions that instantly improve learning outcomes

We want to say a big thank you to IGPP and their AI experts for creating this insight into the future of technology. Also for inviting Guildhawk to show how we apply our multilingual data science knowledge and passion for people and the environment.  

And more must be done now because humanity faces the greatest challenge in history with the need to decarbonize our planet immediately. Digital transformation and AI can instantly help us to win this race for survival. That is why all of us at Guildhawk want more AI and why we protect our pure multilingual data lake so carefully. Please tell us if we can help you organize your data in readiness for the amazing new AI that is on the horizon will help you digitally transform to decarbonize in our lifetime.