When will your multilingual digital human join the payroll?

New life-like digital humans that speak many languages are here now

Imagine the time when an amazing life-like digital avatar of ‘you’ joins the payroll at your company to do certain tasks you once did. That was a discussion I had with a colleague from the Far East at the International Police Education Conference after my Guildhawk Voice avatar delivered part of my talk. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution has started and it might not be that long before your business hires your digital self to do a bit of your work.

Business leaders are busy people

Senior leaders are busy people and may not have the time attend multiple conferences across the world or wait around in a film studio to make a short corporate video. This is where their avatar twin steps in to make a professional quality video of the person speaking one or more languages in minutes without the hassle of travelling. It also frees them to do more and helps the business reduce its carbon footprint by travelling less.

Enchant your global audience

Audiences are enchanted by watching and attentively listening to these lifelike digital twins. They are often indistinguishable from the real human. I feel honoured when people compliment my authentic avatar, especially when they hear the ‘digital me’ speaking in Mandarin, French, German or Arabic. Audiences always ask how the magic works.

Text to speech is now quick and easy

This sensational technology converts text to a speaking-being quickly and easily. It is some way off passing the Turing Test and exhibiting intelligent behaviour indistinguishable from that of a human. It’s because it needs human imagination to power it. However, revolutionary AI will help humans overcome major challenges.

Multilingual Virtual Human of Rachel

Solving the skills shortage

We are short of people with skills, so could digital humans help? Shortages are acute in medicine, healthcare, law, finance, education, science, coding and public safety. Everywhere you look there is a shortage of people. Imagine now, a time when access to these trusted people is plentiful because they all have avatars they have trained to amplify their reach 10 times over. That may be the time when you have a discussion about bringing your digital twin onto the payroll.

The ethics and risks with Digital Humans

Now, there are lengthy conversations to have about risk and ethics, intellectual property rights and how this would change the pay and conditions that apply to you and your hard-working avatar. So the final challenge could be deciding how to make your life happier with the extra time AI could give you.

Guildhawk Voice helps you right now

Returning to now, Guildhawk Voice avatars can already help you reach millions of people in different languages. Organisations are deploying amazing AI like my avatar to get benefits from their multilingual big data and provide briefings in 60 languages because the messages stick. They also save them time and money, and play a vital role in protecting Mother Earth. Suddenly, this gives businesses super powers and an ironclad edge over competitors. That’s a bargain not to be missed.

AI technology must be a force for good

It is crucial that new AI technologies remain a force for good. The key to this is data integrity. AI uses machine learning that is only as good as the data it is trained on. The old saying, ‘rubbish in, rubbish out’ holds true. OpenAI, the organisation that created ChatGPT has warned about risks caused by inaccurate data. AI can generate results that are inaccurate and biased when algorithms are trained on datasets that are not 100% trustworthy.

Old technologies often promise then fail

Old AI technologies that promise to deliver digital transformation often fail because the big data they are trained on has been polluted.

Pure data powers Guildhawk technologies

Guildhawk’s systems work because the multilingual data lake that is used to train AI was built over 8 years and is ultra-pure. Importantly, the information is managed in a secure manner that is independently certified compliant with ISO:27001 the international standard for information security management systems.

“I am amazed at what new AI can do to help people make the world a safer, more sustainable place.”

David Clarke

New AI for Industry 4.0

These are the kind of new platforms that will power what is called the 4th Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0. These are needed to accelerate the pace of digital transformation in every sector so businesses remain competitive and profitable and achieve their Net Zero targets to tackle climate change.

The Industry 4.0 technology revolution has begun. Microsoft announced in November 2021 that Mesh for Microsoft Teams will make collaboration in the metaverse personal and fun by using avatars of ourselves as an alternative to our real self if we so desire. The balance between working in the physical and virtual world will differ across organisations and there will be media frenzy when the first business introduces multilingual avatars to do more tasks.

Inspire global audiences

Those looking to inspire global audiences with their 3D digital twins need them to look professional. When you see what is created in a state of the art green screen studio with HD or 4K digital cameras and voice recordings, like the process used to produce a Guildhawk avatar, the quality is remarkable. And importantly, the process is secure.

Build a happier world after COVID-19

I am amazed at what new AI can do to help people make the world a safer, more sustainable place. And if avatars make people’s working lives happier and more productive that will be a miraculous thing to emerge after the COVID-19 pandemic.

David Clarke

David Clarke is the founder and former Director of the Police National Fraud Intelligence Bureau, the Chairman of the Fraud Advisory Panel and Head of Integrity at Guildhawk. He was speaking at the International Police Education Conference hosted by University of West London and the London Policing College.