A friend in Singapore sent some lovely feedback about the video introducing my new virtual human twin. She asked if the digital twin could also speak Mandarin. It certainly can, along with Cantonese, Arabic and more than 50 other languages. I explained that it’s like dubbing a Hollywood blockbuster, you instantly connect with new global audiences.

Multilingual Virtual Humans make your global learning easy

If you have listened to one of our simultaneous interpreters at work on CNN news, or commissioned our professional voice over artists to localise your e-Learning course into more languages, you will understand how language and an authentic voice inspires the listener.

The most popular use for this powerful new technology is to create multilingual training packages that help staff across globe to learn policies and procedures in a consistent way. Because the content is accurately translated, there is no risk of misunderstanding and that helps protect the business from risks of non-compliance and the challenges that brings.       

The future of AI translation technologies

But what’s next for this smart technology? Well, a new and exciting project we are working on is to improve engagement with the public. This will introduce interactive questions based on the industry standard software we use to integrate with e-learning packages like SCORM. If you want to know more about this, please tell me.

You can see how the uses and results from new AI-powered translation technology are increasing every day. Suddenly, all businesses can connect with global audiences using language just as cinema mesmerises millions. There is even the option to have your CEO and colleagues speak to more audiences in their local tongue by creating a virtual human of them.         

Now, it doesn’t mean that the sensationally talented human linguists, educators, and trainers will be replaced any time soon. The human brain and personal interaction remain an extraordinary force.

To discover more about the best ways to use multilingual virtual humans, the ideal running time, and ways to increase your engagement, please give me a call.