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We organise and label your multilingual data to train AI to give you the insights you want 

  • Predict safety risks
  • Discover unseen trends
  • Understand new opportunities 
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Turning data into new multilingual insights with AGI

AI-powered Translation Platform

AI-powered SaaS Translation Platform

Skylight is Guildhawk's ground-breaking AI-powered SaaS translation platform that brings automation to even the most intricate workflows. Our proprietary AI platform, GAI, is the driving force behind Skylight, enabling the transformation and translation of diverse data types into a single, standardised format. This dynamic integration of Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Translation (MT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) empowers businesses to visualise critical insights and make informed decisions swiftly.

Go Beyond Chat. Learn & Predict

Generative AI can do so much more than chat and find information, when you train it. Guildhawk automated translation components integrate into your digital ecosystem to transform multilingual data into new insights. From labelling and auto-categorizing to multilingual translation and aggregation — Skylight simplifies complex data streams, facilitating streamlined visualisation and analysis. As a bespoke SaaS innovation, Skylight proves invaluable for enterprise scenarios requiring data simplification on a significant scale.

Effortless Data Transformation

Empowering multilingual business excellence

Skylight's comprehensive benefits empower your business, improve efficiency, productivity, and decision-making through advanced automation and data transformation. 

Powered by Clean Data

Powered by Clean Data

Skylight revolutionises complex workflows by harnessing the power of AI-driven automation. From Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Translation (MT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Skylight ensures data ingestion, categorisation, translation, and aggregation, simplifying complex workflows and facilitating seamless visualisation.

Data-Driven Insights

Data-Driven Insights

Skylight empowers you with enhanced predictive capabilities fueled by historical data analysis. Identify trends, assess risks, and evaluate the impact of initiatives with precision. Unlock the full potential of data to make informed decisions that grow and innovate the business. Skylight's intuitive interface and data-driven insights provide a clear roadmap for optimising strategies, operations, and outcomes.

PC Visualised Simplicity

Visualised Simplicity

Skylight's transformative capabilities extend to simplifying complex data into visualised formats. With Skylight, intricate datasets are translated, standardised, and aggregated into a unified data stream. This simplified visualisation enhances comprehension, making it easier to identify patterns, trends, and insights that fuel more intelligent decision-making.


What our Customers say about Guildhawk


“Whether doing business in the Middle East, Far East or Eastern Europe, understanding the culture is critical to doing business. Guildhawk seamlessly blends top-rate translators with cultural intelligence ensuring you make a good first impression.”

DWF Group

“Guildhawk are a reliable provider that are not only able to translate accurately and respond quickly, but have the industry’s most experienced translators working on specific documents. They are our preferred supplier for translation services.”

VFS Global

“Guildhawk have been an integral part of VFS Global’s success in bidding for international contracts. They thoroughly understand the technical language and terminology required, giving us complete faith in the translations they produce on our behalf.”

Celotex logo

“Guildhawk has delivered a number of projects, with a professional and efficient service whatever the requirement. Guildhawk’s project managers have ensured that the work was consistently of a satisfactory quality.”

Greenbrier Companies logo

“Their focus on high quality, customer care, and data security makes them a model supplier, and I would highly recommend the firm for translation and interpreting services.”

bsi logo

"We’re pleased to have partnered with Guildhawk to ensure translation into 18 different languages, and hope the revamped website will continue to support clients and organisations on their journey to resilience.”

Ballast Nedam logo

“For me it is breathtaking, and I had my belief in your capability since day 1 of meeting Guildhawk. It is truly transformative and inspiring leading to connection with other cultures & different part of the world at almost 100% accuracy”.

ICMM logo

"Thank you for the recent localisation on the nature position project. We have a Japanese employee & their feedback was that it was the best quality Japanese translation they have ever seen!"


“Sandvik Canada was provided the product we were promised, with quality and efficiency in mind. The quality of work was above and beyond our original expectations. We continue to work with Guildhawk and look forward to many more projects together”.


"The automation of content extraction and translation updates not only saved valuable time but also contributed to a substantial cost saving."


The work we do

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Helping the IGPP share key lessons with multilingual Digital Humans

Do you want to share your key learnings globally using digital human videos? Learn how Guildhawk helped the IGPP solve this exact problem with our latest AI-powered technology.

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Localising movies for Sony Pictures

Sony Pictures Europe is part of a global entertainment corporation that is responsible for ...

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