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Effortlessly integrating into your workflow through API, GAI empowers you to translate a wide range of content with unmatched accuracy. GAI's Expert-in-the-Loop (EITL) feature further elevates translation quality, incorporating insights from our team of industry-verified elite linguists. This dynamic collaboration between cutting-edge technology and human expertise ensures that every word resonates with context and meaning, creating translations that transcend linguistic boundaries.

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GAI isn't just about translation; it's a gateway to a more connected world where language fences dissolve, and communication thrives. Embrace the power of GAI and experience accuracy, efficiency, and global reach to redefine your approach to language translation.


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Unlocking Global Communication with GAI

With GAI, you can ensure your messages are effortlessly conveyed with clarity and integrity. Experience faster turnaround times with our cutting-edge machine translation solution, enhancing your effectiveness in a multilingual world.

Enhanced translation accuracy

Enhanced translation accuracy

GAI ensures your messages are accurately translated, maintaining content integrity and conveying your intended meaning across languages. More crystal-clear communication; fewer misunderstandings.

Accelerated turnaround times

Accelerated turnaround times

With GAI's advanced AI-driven technology, translation processes are rapid, allowing you to meet tight deadlines and swiftly seize business opportunities in global markets. Experience quicker content delivery without compromising quality.

Cost-effective communication

Cost-effective communication

Put an end to exorbitant translation costs. GAI's efficient processes result in cost savings while ensuring the quality and accuracy of translations, making global communication financially viable.


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“We were very happy with the scripts we commissioned from Guildhawk, and we all appreciated how quickly the work was completed.”

Thomson Reuters

“I learnt a long time ago the importance of understanding cultures and backgrounds as well as language. My advice is to work with Guildhawk to ensure your business can operate effectively and profitably.”


"You guys are amazing! Thanks very much."

NBC Universal

"We benefitted from Guildhawks services on a number of localisation campaigns for Universal Pictures and Universal Home Entertainment, I was particularly impressed with the quality of service."


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