Custom AI Engines

Turn your data into new multilingual business insights with private AI

  • Identify trends and predict risks
  • Simplify complex data for analysis
  • Understand new opportunities
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Business insights

Gain business insights  

Let us organise and label your multilingual data and build your AI engine so you can gain the business outcomes you want from AI whilst keeping your data private. Our custom AI engines are built to your requirements, simplifying complex datasets into a format you can trust to train AI models to identify new risks, alert you to trends, and make predictions using inference.

Proprietary platform

Our custom AI engines use our proprietary AI platform, GAI, to transform and translate your different data using a combination of optical character recognition, natural language processing, machine translation, and artificial intelligence. Our custom AI engine solutions are perfect for enterprise scenarios requiring datasets to be translated and labelled on a significant scale and then used to train machine learning models to generate results you can trust.

Digital Platforms

Key features

Chatbots & Live Avatars

Perfect for chatbots & live avatars

AI engines

AI engines built to your requirements

Models trained on our high quality datasets

Models trained on our high quality datasets

Removes risk of bias and errors

Removes risk of bias and errors

ISO:27001 certified

ISO:27001 certified to keep your data private


AI engine learns from new information


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